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Friday, July 15, 2011

Review And Giveaway for MixBook Photo Album has ended

I recently became an Affiliate for MixBook.com and I was given the opportunity to do a review and Giveaway for 1 lucky reader, in exchange for my honest opinion. You can check out the site by following this link, http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfmu=516905&b=280279&m=19751&afftrack=&urllink=www%2Emixbook%2Ecom%2Fprinted%2Dphoto%2Dbooks.
Mixbook.com is a site which allows you to be creative with your digital photos and allows you to create many different projects that you can order and have delivered to you. The site allows you to upload digital photos from your computer, Facebook, Picassa, Flickr, and many other photo sharing sites. Once you have uploaded your photos you can create, Photo Books, Digital Scrapbooks, Calendars, Business Cards, Birthday Cards or any other type of cards, Wedding Invitations or any other invitations you can think of, Announcements of any kind, Stationery, and even Yearbooks. The possibilities are endless. You can also invite friends or family to upload pictures to share and help create your projects.

For this review I was given an 11*8 1/2 Classic Landscape Hardcover 20 page Photobook and it retails for $29.99 plus shipping. Mixbook allows you to choose from softcover to hardcover Photobooks, with prices starting at $6.99, for the 6*4 Mini Landscape photobook and ranging to $49.99, for the 14*11 Coffee Table Landscape Hardcover Photobook, shipping is very reasonable as well. Each Photobook is printed on Archival-quality silk 100 lb. paper with full photo wrap covers and the hardcovers are handstitched and very durable. The photobook I received is pretty much the same size as a children's book which can be easily stored on a bookshelf, coffee table, or anywhere else you can imagine. Mixbook gives every customer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee, that if you are not completely satisfied with your final product, that you can exchange it for another product or get a complete refund.

When you follow this link, http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfmu=516905&b=280279&m=19751&afftrack=&urllink=www%2Emixbook%2Ecom%2Fprinted%2Dphoto%2Dbooks, you first choose the size and pricing of the photobook, you are creating. Then you choose a theme, which there are may to choose from, this part might take a while to decide. The themes range from Seasons, General, Wedding, Holidays, Baby, Travel, Occasions, Family, Education, Events, or you can choose to have no theme with blank pages. Whether you choose a theme or no theme, you can still add any type of theme, background, stickers, and layout to each page that you choose to create. You can choose to create the front cover and back cover with any type of background, photos, text, or any other options that are available for each page.

After you choose the theme you want for your photobook, you then have to register with Mixbook and then you can begin creating your project. When you start your project, you can choose to take a tutorial or you can start exploring and creating on your own up to 20 pages. If you add more than 20 pages it costs $1.00 for each extra page. You can then, start uploading photos, choose different backgrounds for each page, choose the layout; which allows you to place up to 21 photos per page and you can add text. You can aslo add stickers wherever you want on each page and you can see some of the designs on the cover of my album and on the third page of my album, which there are many different designs to choose from. For the background and stickers you can choose from an assortment of those that are available. You can also create your own backgrounds and stickers to upload and add which is what I did for the front and back cover of my photobook, it matches my blog button.

Mixbook has many different features and options to create wonderful projects, exactly the way you want them to look. Some of the options are; to zoom in on photos, photo rotation, custom frames, custom color matching, transparent text boxes and backgrounds, add, remove, and duplicate pages, change the theme, and hide pictures you have already used. One nice feature, is AutoMix, it works by mixing up the placement of pictures, text, and overall layout, once you have your pictures uploaded. With this feature you can always move things around the way you want them and you can take the text boxes off. There are buttons to add, duplicate, or remove pages. One of the most important features is the save button, so that nothing gets lost or removed. You can also preview your work and add text, with many different fonts and colors to choose from, anywhere you like.

Overall, I like everything about Mixbook, it allows you to be creative in so many different ways and allows you to make everything unique with your own look. Yes, it does take a while to get the look you want to achieve, but it is so worth it, for the quality of each page. There was only one problem I had and that is that you have to have some type of Credit card to place an order, which took me a while to order because I did not have one at first. Other than that, Mixbook will be the place I order all of my digital photo products. The Photobooks are made very sturdy and I do not have to worry about it falling apart. The pictures will not smudge because the paper used is not very glossy like photo paper, but the pictures still look very good; such as pictures in a regular book. I highly reccomend checking out mixbook before ordering products from another company and the overall prices including shipping are great.

The only item I recieved for free with no other compensation, in return for my honest opinion, is the 11*8.5 Lanscape Hardcover Photobook from MixBook.

Now Mixbook is letting me do a Giveaway to 1 lucky reader, who will get a free 11*8.5 Landscape hardcover Photobook to create on their own and for those who do not win, here is a code to use that will save you 25% when placing an order # SHSWGW25. This code can be used only 1 time per customer.

There will be up 2 entries per person. The mandatory First entry will be to go to the Home Page and follow me via Google Friend Connect, then comment below with your Google Friend Connect name and email address, so that I can contact you if you are a winner. Second entry is only if you want another entry, go to the Home Page and on the right hand side, Subscribe to my Emails, then comment below again, that you did and what your email address is, so I can contact the winner. This Giveaway will end Monday August 13'th, 2011 at 9 PM and is open to the US, Canada, and the UK. I will pick a winner via Random Org, Goodluck everyone!


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