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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

~PrintRunner Giveaway~

     PrintRunner is the go to site for convenient online printing services for all your Printing needs. PrintRunner is a full service high quality printing company which is located in Chatsworth, California. They started with a small Printing Press with a Dream to become big. 10 years after they began their journey, PrintRunner is now one of the biggest quality Printers in Southern California. Their Commitment, is to provide the best value with affordable prices, at the highest quality.

  On behalf of PrintRunner I am hosting a Giveaway for a set of Postcards.To learn more about their printing services and print postcards you can check out their site here

The Winner will receive: 
           Postcard Size        :    Postcards 5x7
           Quantity                :    100
           Colors            :    4/0 Front Only Printing
           Paper            :    14 PT. UV Coating on Front
           Rounded Corners     :    Yes
           Proof            :    None
           Ready to Ship In    :    4 Business Days

 *Giveaway is open to US Residents only, ages 18 years old and above. This Giveaway will end March 11, 2012 at midnight, the winner will be notified through email and has 24 hours to reply with their info so that I can get it turned in to PrintRunner on time.

Thank you to PrintRunner for Sponsoring and allowing me to host this giveaway. I will receive a set of postcards for hosting this giveaway and no other compensation.
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review and Giveaway for Eclipse Gum * 2 Winners

   I am honored because I have been given the Opportunity to do a review for the Big named Company Wrigley's. I was given the Opportunity to do a Review and Giveaway for Wrigley's Eclipse Gum, for their New modern and inovative packs that contain 18 pieces, which is 50% more for only a 10 cents increase in the price, over the 12 packs.  The new 18 Packs will be available in stores by the end of this Month, March of 2012.

   The Wrigley's Company is researching ways to become Globaly sustainable by finding better ways to produce their products. They are finding ways to limit the amount of waste that goes to landfills by selecting fewer packaging materials and using those that have a lower carbon impact. They are reducing water usage and reducing the energy consumption by moving away from fossil fuels and using renewable, solar powered energy. They are also researching ways to eliminate the carbon dioxide related transportation, used for transporting their products. Wrigley's is a wonderful Company for working so hard to help us have a better Planet. For more information you can check out the Wrigley's site http://www.wrigley.com/global/brands/eclipse.aspx
   Wrigley's Eclipse gum was introduced to the US in 1999 and it was created to freshen breath, for those bad breath moments, with strong breath freshening qualities. Eclipse Gum comes in 4 Flavors; Winterfrost, Polar Ice, Peppermint and Wintergreen. I was given the Polar Ice and Winterfrost for my review. The suggested retail for the 12 packs is $1.29 a pack and the suggested retail for the New 18 packs is $1.39.
   The new, modern packaging contains 50 % more than the regular 12 piece packages for only 10 cents more. The packaging is made so that you can leave it like it is, fold it over with 2 packs (9 pieces each) stacked on top of one another, or you can tear the 2 packs into. There is a strip on one side that says tear here for 2 packs, just tear the strip and voila it folds out, then you can easily tear it into, so that you can have 2 packs to split up and stash wherever you want. These packs can be split so you can share with somone else or have one at home and stash the other in your car.

  The 2 Flavors I was given; Polar Ice and Winterfrost, have a strong intense flavor that lasts for hours. Yes, they both do the job to keep my breath fresh for embarrasing bad breath moments. Everyone has bad breath moments, so why not try the Eclipse gum in the new inovative 18 piece packages, for the price it will last a long time and help save you money in your wallet for all those other things you want.
    One fact I learned a long time ago is, that most employers will not hire a person being interviewed who has bad breath, that is one of those embarrasing moments. Also, if you have a hot date, you definately do not want bad breath. It has also been clinically proven that if you chew a piece of gum for at least 20 minutes after eating or drinking, the gum will help strengthen and protect your teeth by neutralizing plaque acids, that eat the enamel, and wash away food particles.

   Now for the Giveaway, there will be 2 Winners who will each receive 10 of the double packs of Wrigley's Eclipse Gum. I will be using Rafflecopter in the form below and this is the first time I have used it, so if there is any problems with it just comment below to let me know or send me a message using the Contact Me form on the right top corner.

   Giveaway will end on Monday March 19, 2012 at 9 PM. Giveaway open to U.S. only. Winners are contacted by email and posted will be posted here as well after I have contacted and received a reply from the winner. Winners have 48 hours to confirm before a new Winner is chosen.

   I want to Thank Wrigley's for sponsering this review and Giveaway and thank Sonja for allowing me to host this review and Giveaway. I was given Wrigley's Eclipse gum in return for my honest review and opinions, with no other compensation.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Edenfantasys Review for Lace and mesh babydoll with g-string

Review for Lace and mesh babydoll with g-string

   I received this Lace and Mesh Babydoll with g-string set from edenfantasys in return for my honest opinion and no other compensation. No, this is not me pictured above, I got the picture from edenfantasys site because I did not want to make anyone go blind other than my boyfriend. It is priced at $39.99 and ranges from sizes Small to 1X/2X. It is Black and Fuchsia, comes with the Babydoll top and the matching G-string bottoms. It is made of Lace, Mesh, Satin, and has no underwires. It ties around the neck to keep the top in place and has padded cups.
   I really enjoyed trying on this Babydoll for the first time, my boyfriend enjoyed it, I believe more than I did. I loved the design, colors, and quality of the material, it will last for years to come. It did not stay on for long, but it would be a great investment for any couple, to spice things up. There are a couple things that I did not like about the Babydoll, but they are minor things. The first thing I did not like, is the ribbon that ties around the neck, it is a very pretty fuchsia ribbon, but it is uncomfortable when I tightened it up to hold everything in place. The other thing, is the g-strings were made a little small for the size XL, so if you are big boned like me, I would recommend going up a size, for it to fit properly. Overall, I really liked this Babydoll with G-strings because it is very pretty and helps to spice up my love life.
  Even if you do not like Adult Toys, edenfantasys has something for everyone. There are so many things to choose from such as; vibrators, lingerie, condoms, massage candles, massagers, edible body graffiti, card games, dice games, oil perfumes, lip scrub, breath freshening lip balm, face makeup, whipped body cream, lotions, and just about anything else that you can think of for couples or single people alike. If you haven't looked at edenfantasys site yet, check it out today and you may find something you like.

  I was compensated for this Review, for my honest opinions, from edenfantasys by receiving the Lace and Mesh Babydoll with g-string set and I received no other compensation.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review and Giveaway for UPrinting.com

I have been given the opportunity to do a Review and Giveaway for Uprinting.com for my honest opinion and in return I will receive letterhead printing services for hosting.

Uprinting.com is a site to order most of your business printing needs as well as personal printing services. A few of their specialties are Letterhead Printing, Letterhead Design, and Envelope Printing. The Letterheads are printed on smooth stationary, which you can also use to print on for your own needs. They can be purchased in quanities ranging from 500 to 50,000. The 1 color envelopes can be purchased in quanities ranging from 250 to 100,000 and the Full color envelopes can be purchased in quanities ranging from 500 to 100,000.For all these products and so many more products, you can upload your own designs, images, and the specified text that you would like to add for your own touch of creativity. For some of the products you can choose to have Uprinting.com to design for you.

With Uprinting.com there are endless posibilities and products you can create and design yourself. Here is a list, just to name some of their products; Business cards, Calendars, Folders, Labels, Stickers, Door hangers, Greeting cards, Invitations, Magnets, Window Clings, Menus, Canvas photos, and so much more including those mentioned above. There are also templates that you can download onto your computer 100% free to create your own products, which can be used with Photoshop and many other popular file types, which there are too many template designs to list but you can check them out Here. If you have a business or have personal printing needs, I highly recommend going to Uprinting.com before you go anywhere else.

Now for the Giveaway which is sponsered by Uprinting.com, 1 lucky person will win:

5.5" * 8.5" 500 piece set of Letterheads with Front only Printing, 70 pound offset, 4 Business Days Print Turnaround Time, With Free Shipping

This Giveaway is limited to the US only and you must be 18 or older to win. Also the winner must not have won the same Print Giveaway from Uprinting.com within the last 6 months.

Disclaimer: Required as per FTC Ruling, This Giveaway is sponsered by Uprinting.com and I received no monetary compensation, but I will receive Letterhead Printing Services for hosting. Letter Design Inspiration and Envelope Printing is also available. Please visit Uprinting.com for more details.

The rules for the Giveaway are as follows: You can get up to 2 entries, for the main entry you must go to my home page and follow me Google Friend Connect, which is located on the right hand side, then come back and comment with your GFC name and your email address, so I can contact the winner.

For the 2'nd entry which is voluntary, you must Like Uprinting.com on Facebook following this link https://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/UPrinting, then comment below with your Facebook name and your email address to be contacted if you are the winner.

The Giveaway will end Tuesday August 30'th, 2011 at 9 PM and I will choose a winner via Random Org. The winner will be emailed and will have 24 hours to contact me and if the winner does not reply I will draw a new winner, Good Luck!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review for Mixbook Photo Album has ended

Be sure to check your emails and once the winner has replied, I will announce the lucky winner and stay tuned for more great Reviews and Giveaways!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Review And Giveaway for MixBook Photo Album has ended

I recently became an Affiliate for MixBook.com and I was given the opportunity to do a review and Giveaway for 1 lucky reader, in exchange for my honest opinion. You can check out the site by following this link, http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfmu=516905&b=280279&m=19751&afftrack=&urllink=www%2Emixbook%2Ecom%2Fprinted%2Dphoto%2Dbooks.
Mixbook.com is a site which allows you to be creative with your digital photos and allows you to create many different projects that you can order and have delivered to you. The site allows you to upload digital photos from your computer, Facebook, Picassa, Flickr, and many other photo sharing sites. Once you have uploaded your photos you can create, Photo Books, Digital Scrapbooks, Calendars, Business Cards, Birthday Cards or any other type of cards, Wedding Invitations or any other invitations you can think of, Announcements of any kind, Stationery, and even Yearbooks. The possibilities are endless. You can also invite friends or family to upload pictures to share and help create your projects.

For this review I was given an 11*8 1/2 Classic Landscape Hardcover 20 page Photobook and it retails for $29.99 plus shipping. Mixbook allows you to choose from softcover to hardcover Photobooks, with prices starting at $6.99, for the 6*4 Mini Landscape photobook and ranging to $49.99, for the 14*11 Coffee Table Landscape Hardcover Photobook, shipping is very reasonable as well. Each Photobook is printed on Archival-quality silk 100 lb. paper with full photo wrap covers and the hardcovers are handstitched and very durable. The photobook I received is pretty much the same size as a children's book which can be easily stored on a bookshelf, coffee table, or anywhere else you can imagine. Mixbook gives every customer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee, that if you are not completely satisfied with your final product, that you can exchange it for another product or get a complete refund.

When you follow this link, http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfmu=516905&b=280279&m=19751&afftrack=&urllink=www%2Emixbook%2Ecom%2Fprinted%2Dphoto%2Dbooks, you first choose the size and pricing of the photobook, you are creating. Then you choose a theme, which there are may to choose from, this part might take a while to decide. The themes range from Seasons, General, Wedding, Holidays, Baby, Travel, Occasions, Family, Education, Events, or you can choose to have no theme with blank pages. Whether you choose a theme or no theme, you can still add any type of theme, background, stickers, and layout to each page that you choose to create. You can choose to create the front cover and back cover with any type of background, photos, text, or any other options that are available for each page.

After you choose the theme you want for your photobook, you then have to register with Mixbook and then you can begin creating your project. When you start your project, you can choose to take a tutorial or you can start exploring and creating on your own up to 20 pages. If you add more than 20 pages it costs $1.00 for each extra page. You can then, start uploading photos, choose different backgrounds for each page, choose the layout; which allows you to place up to 21 photos per page and you can add text. You can aslo add stickers wherever you want on each page and you can see some of the designs on the cover of my album and on the third page of my album, which there are many different designs to choose from. For the background and stickers you can choose from an assortment of those that are available. You can also create your own backgrounds and stickers to upload and add which is what I did for the front and back cover of my photobook, it matches my blog button.

Mixbook has many different features and options to create wonderful projects, exactly the way you want them to look. Some of the options are; to zoom in on photos, photo rotation, custom frames, custom color matching, transparent text boxes and backgrounds, add, remove, and duplicate pages, change the theme, and hide pictures you have already used. One nice feature, is AutoMix, it works by mixing up the placement of pictures, text, and overall layout, once you have your pictures uploaded. With this feature you can always move things around the way you want them and you can take the text boxes off. There are buttons to add, duplicate, or remove pages. One of the most important features is the save button, so that nothing gets lost or removed. You can also preview your work and add text, with many different fonts and colors to choose from, anywhere you like.

Overall, I like everything about Mixbook, it allows you to be creative in so many different ways and allows you to make everything unique with your own look. Yes, it does take a while to get the look you want to achieve, but it is so worth it, for the quality of each page. There was only one problem I had and that is that you have to have some type of Credit card to place an order, which took me a while to order because I did not have one at first. Other than that, Mixbook will be the place I order all of my digital photo products. The Photobooks are made very sturdy and I do not have to worry about it falling apart. The pictures will not smudge because the paper used is not very glossy like photo paper, but the pictures still look very good; such as pictures in a regular book. I highly reccomend checking out mixbook before ordering products from another company and the overall prices including shipping are great.

The only item I recieved for free with no other compensation, in return for my honest opinion, is the 11*8.5 Lanscape Hardcover Photobook from MixBook.

Now Mixbook is letting me do a Giveaway to 1 lucky reader, who will get a free 11*8.5 Landscape hardcover Photobook to create on their own and for those who do not win, here is a code to use that will save you 25% when placing an order # SHSWGW25. This code can be used only 1 time per customer.

There will be up 2 entries per person. The mandatory First entry will be to go to the Home Page and follow me via Google Friend Connect, then comment below with your Google Friend Connect name and email address, so that I can contact you if you are a winner. Second entry is only if you want another entry, go to the Home Page and on the right hand side, Subscribe to my Emails, then comment below again, that you did and what your email address is, so I can contact the winner. This Giveaway will end Monday August 13'th, 2011 at 9 PM and is open to the US, Canada, and the UK. I will pick a winner via Random Org, Goodluck everyone!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

Review and Giveaway for the F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush from Sigma Beauty!

Winner has been e-mailed and I am waiting on reply, Giveaway is now over!

I became an affiliate for Sigma Beauty and I received the F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush for my honest review, plus 1 lucky reader will get to win one of their own, thanks to Sigma Beauty. Sigma Beauty sells any kind of makeup brush that you can think of, mirrors, brush kits, cosmetic bags, and the new Cleansing and Polishing Tool. There is so much to choose from that is a hard decision of what to choose when making a purchase from them, all though some of the brushes are a little pricey. It is so worth paying more for the great quality of products that you receive.
The F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush retails for $16.00 and it is made of a Synthetic Sigmax HD filament which makes it easy to clean without ruining it. It is considered as a buffer brush because it can be used to blend powders, buff on liquid foundations, or concealers. It is Flat across the top, hence its name, making it even all the way across, which helps to give an even application. Also, shipping was fast, it only took a couple days for me to receive the brush. Of course, as soon as I received it I had to try it out.
This was the first brush that I have tried, that allowed me to apply liquids and powders, without switching brushes. First I tried it with my liquid foundation and I applied a little pressure when using it, even then all the bristles stayed intact, which made me happy because most brushes shed and this one did not at all. Since I was able to apply pressure using it, it did not leave behind any streaks and my makeup looked flawless. I also used it, without cleaning it, with my powder foundation and it took very little powder to give me a flawless application. It still did not lose any bristles as well.
After I used the F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush, I washed it, cleaning it with only soap and water. It only took about a minute to clean it and all of the bristles were surprisingly still intact. Then I blotted the excess water out with a towel and it air dried for about 3 hours. After it dried it looked brand new again which was amazing. Overall, I am happy with the results this brush gave me and I still continue to use it. I would recommend it to anyone to have for their cosmetic bag, whether they used powders or liquid foundations. The only compensation I received was the F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush in return for my honest review and nothing else. To learn more about Sigma Beauty, just click the Brown link for Sigma Beauty
Now for all of my anxious readers it is time to giveaway an F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush to 1 lucky person.

Everyone will have a chance to get 2 entries at the most for this giveaway, Good Luck!
1.For the first entry, which is Mandatory, you must go to my Home Page, by Clicking the Home tab on the right, then on the right side under Followers, follow me via Google Friend Connect, then submit the Google Doc with the name you used for any of the entries to count.
2.For the Extra entry, you can go to the right side of this page and hit the like button for my Facebook Blog page, then fill out the Google Doc letting me know you did and what name you used.
Please leave your e-mail address in the Google Doc form so that I can contact the winner. I will choose a winner by Random.org. I will e-mail the winner and the winner will have 48 hours to reply back to me, if the winner does not respond, then a new winner will be chosen. If you have any problems with the form or questions, comment below with your email so that I can contact you and maybe be of some help.This Giveaway will end on June 18, 2011 at 9:00 PM.